Ludlow Community Television (LCTV) is a Public, Educational,
and Governmental (PEG) cable television station serving the
Ludlow, MA community. 

LCTV was formed to help Ludlow citizens and institutions realize their
full potential through community television. We are financed by a
grant acquired through the license agreement between the Town of
Ludlow and Charter Communications.


1) To provide a studio with current technology, giving Ludlow residents and students the opportunity to develop quality programming.
2) To train producers in the proper use of production equipment to help them realize their full potential by communicating their message on television.
3) To create a vital communication link for town departments, schools and local organizations.


Michael Hill


Amy Ollari

   Production Assistant

Ludlow Community Television

500 Chapin Street

Ludlow, MA 01056

(413) 547-1187